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I was trying to do the front struts on a friend's 2015 outlander 3.0L GT (Canada).
I was supplied with two KYB parts, KYB# 339253 and 339254.
The spring seats do not match up with the existing springs, they are at too much of an angle and not quite the right diameter of seat.
When put together the spring moves around and rubs on the inner fenders/strut tower tunnels.

I cannot find more than one part number for these. 2 questions:

1. Can i substitute a whole complete strut assembly, springs and all from a 2.4l one? I understand there may be a ride height difference, but all i'm looking to know is if the strut mounts/bearings will match up.
2. Does anyone have a part number/supplier for the correct part? I phoned mitsu and they are quoting $600 a strut for parts alone.

VIN If anyone needs us JA4JZ4AX8FZ601572

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