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Hi all.

I purchased the dealer's ''Limousine'' car last week. It was used by the dealer to bring clients to and from work when they left their car at the dealership for work.

A 2017 Outlander ES with 99 000km.

I took it home and noticed the heated seats did not work, despite a clean pre-sales full inspection from the dealer where I had them change the rear bushing, and had front brakes (rotor and pads). I contacted them the following Monday.

I scheduled an appointment at the dealer, and this morning they told me the switches and wiring seat harness are melted, at the switch level, and melted the harness, and quoted 3000$ to change it...

They are looking for a used harness...

I have 2 questions:

1) I am prepared to argue legally to have it changed at their cost. The car was 18 000$ CAD, and supposed to be fully functional. Am I wrong to think this ?

2) If for some reason I need to change it at my cost....Do you think there are cheaper alternatives . They 1quoted 5 hours of work, about 1400$ for the harness, costs for switches, and other materials

Thank you very much.
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