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2018Outlander USB / Bluetooth issues?

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Hello all, Any known issues with USB and Bluetooth? My 2018 Outlander's USB frequently doesn't recognize that an iPhone is connected. It will connect, then drop, then connect, etc, etc. Playing music from the phone via Bluetooth gives similar performance. Is what I'm experiencing "normal"? This is the first vehicle I've owned with Bluetooth.

I had the USB port replaced (at least the dealership said it was replaced) but the performance is unchanged. They said they can take a deeper look at it but want the car for three days to figure it out.

Any experience with or thoughts about this issue?

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As long as you are using a quality lightening cable, then USB connections are always good. I have not com across any other reasons for failure apart from inferior quality cables.

Bluetooth performance issues are nearly always down to phone software. iOS 14 had some bad versions for bluetooth connectivity. Upgrade your software to latest version or try to pair another device to check.
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