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2022 Outlander Horn replacement

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Has anyone here replaced the horn of the 2022 Outlander?

I'm planning to replace the horn to a Hella Supertone.

Is there a way to replace the horn without bringing down the whole bumper? Or is there a way to just remove the black grill?

Has anyone used any wiring harness kit?

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I don't think there is probably anyone on the planet that has done this yet outside maybe a body shop that repaired a 2022 Outlander from a front end collision.

The horn should be on a simple relayed circuit. I tried to lookup a wiring diagram from a new Nissan Rogue, but no luck. Definitely cannot find any diagrams for the Outlander yet.

Do you just like the sound of a Hella Supertone? They really aren't louder than a factory horn.

I do see this:

A pigtail for a 2021 Rogue which is the same as our cars. This appears to be a 2 wire connector, so I think if you wanted to swap your horn it would be very easy to do.

Hey! Thanks for the reply :).
I'm replacing the horn because I don't think it is loud and second, I don't like the sound of it.
The guy that measured the Hella Supertone used only the high horn. Hella Supertones usually comes in high and low, 2 horns. Yes, I've used it before on different cars and they are loud, not like ours that sounds like a clown's horn.
If the car's horn sounds like a snail horn of like a Fiam, Stoebelle, Piaa, I won't bother replacing it. Our Suv comes with only one snail horn.

I don't have a problem with the wiring.

It's the access I'm having trouble.

I saw on one of the mitsu parts page that you can buy a front grill for our 2022 outlander. I'm just figuring out how to remove it.
I would assume:

Jack up the front of the car
Pull the wheels
Pull the inner fender liners on both sides
Remove cabling to lighting
Remove cabling to anything else you can access from the fender wells
Unclip any push style body clips holding the bottom of the bumper to the undertray
Unbolt/clip as much from the top side
Pull the entire bumper off, watch out for hidden wires

At that point everything should be exposed, this maybe a two person job if you do not have a large wingspan to put the bumper back on easily.

But you are definitely in unknown territory since these cars are so new and such low volume of production.
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