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2022 Outlander locking issue

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I don't think this has been brought up. I locked my car via the remote from inside the house. I heard the horn, signaling that the car locked. Got up in the morning and noticed my rear door slightly open. Thought someone broke into it , thankfully I was wrong. My wife claimed she forgot to shut it after taking my granddaughter out.
Why does the horn signal car is locked if a door is open? This is a big flaw in the security of the vehicle. I phisically go out and check the vehicle before locking it now. Never seen this happen in any of my other vehicles, the horn wouldn't beep if a door was not fully shut.
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I had almost the same thing happen yesterday night with the lift gate. Hit the remote, heard it beep and shut the garage door. Had the lift gate open all night, oops!
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