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2022 Outlander - Show Off Your Wheels!

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Hey all,

I am creating this forum to keep all our photos in one place. I know all our cars are still new, but let’s see those aftermarket wheels! This page will grow over time, so please check back to see all the updates!

If you post a picture with your new wheels, be sure to put the wheel specs so others will know what fits!

2022+ Outlanders only! Pic for attention!

FYI, dealership said bolt pattern is the same as previous year Outlanders…. (5x114.3)

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These wheels are cool, did you manage to lower them?
These wheels are cool, did you manage to lower them?
The picture is photoshopped and was used for attention. Still waiting for people to get wheels put on to post!
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Car

Wheel Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Sky

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle

This is a friends outlander.

22x9 Niche Wheels.
265/35r22 Nexen Tires.

Also paint matched all chrome parts & silver bumpers.
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The picture is photoshopped and was used for attention
That first pic is dead sexy, nice photoshop!

I don't have glamour shots yet, but I'll be going the opposite direction in size (down to 18", from 20 obviously), for the summer tires. Wheels are Enkei TM7 18x8, (tires are 255/55/18 which retains stock dimensions). The thing that's CRAZY tho is how HEAVY the stock wheels are. These Enkeis+Contintentals are 12 lbs (5.5kg) lighter (each) than stock wheel+Nokian R5. Wow. So much less rotating mass...should make for an even smoother ride and quicker acceleration.

I think I should've actually gone even taller on the sidewall though, like 255/60 or 265/55...

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View attachment 486 265 40 R22 I am looking to change for 24” wheels
Does it FIT 24”s? Im am thinking to do the same
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