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2022 Outlander vibration/resonance

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I am wondering if anyone has noticed slight vibration/resonance through gas pedal when accelerating or moving from a stop position.
I took the car to Mitsubishi dealer to have it checked out. They drove the car and told me that this is how all the outlanders behave, it is supposed to be normal. I don't believe them as I never had this issue with any other car I have owned. I may take the car to a different dealership to get a second opinion.
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I do not have this issue. I periodically drive my wife’s 2019 Ford Escape, and man does the gas pedal vibrate. My outlander has no vibrations other than the hood that bounces around when going over 50mph… heard the hood recall should be later this year. I would take your outlander to a different dealership as there should be no vibrations in the pedals. Bought my 2022 outlander SEL in August 2021 & currently have 10k miles. Hope this helps!
There is a slight vibration under light load around 1400rpm taking off. I think this is just normal harmonics of the motor. It didn't strike me as the CVT or driveline. I have only had the 2022 Outlander for a week though, but I did notice it. Seems normal. You could buy a cheap $50 odb2 scanner that graphs data, look at vacuum, timing and see if those peak during the vibration. If it doesn't or isn't easily repeatable then its probably not the motor and would require further investigation and is probably CVT related.
I sometimes get a slight vibration at about 30kph starting off and a tinny sound. First cvt so no idea whether to worry or not.
Mine started doing the same thing just now.. and I just bought it three weeks ago. I’m going to take it in on Monday and I’ll let y’all know what they say.
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