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2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 40th Anniversary Ed. Tow Package Unicorn

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I ordered my 2023 mitsubishi Outander PHEV 40th Ed last Novermber with one of the thing I said was a deal breaker being a tow package. I was promise it would have it delivered with it. No, picked it up early February without one and told it needed some re-engineered to fit. the next moth it would be ready in another month. first service I was told it was not the hitch but the wiring harness. and it would be ready in a couple of months. Next Service (11500miles) and I am told it will be ready in June and don't ask until late June. Now this post is saying mid summer. I ordered it and it is financed and paid for already. But Mitsibushi expects us, in my case, to wait 8 or more months from the time the car was ordered for this tow package and Than hopefully have it maybe mid summer in the middle of the season when the customer would need it most. Is Mitsubishi CEOs stupid. Or is is something simple like, their engineers need to but down that Bud Lite, drink some whiskey, Pull their head out of their Third Point of Contact and get the job done. The car would be great but for the one thing I explicitly told the sales person I had to have on a new vehicle. This Vehicle has more power that it's Gas only powered Outlander which has the Tow package options being installed. Well Mitsibushi, get the one thing I asked for and was promised produced or take your now useless car back and refund my money.


Tom Johnson
Spokane WA.
guess what dealership that is.
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Hello I'm pretty sure that Outlander does not offer a real "Towing Package" like other companies, this would entail a larger radiator for the gas engine and motors which is not going to happen. For the most part, the car is really not designed as a tow vehicle other than for light utility trailer or say a jet ski. Since the towing weight is limited, it's accomplished using the stock drive-train and cooling. Unless it's mandatory to tow, the Outlander is a great SUV and it will carry plenty of weight for the simple fact its a seven passenger car. With that said, that's 1400 lb just from passenger weight so it has some decent springs and power to handle those capacity loads. What were you planning on towing - do you have a total and tongue weight numbers.

Regards - Mike
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