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Brake Fluid Leaking out of Master Cylinder Reservoir

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I noticed my 2018 Outlander GT's brake fluid was at the min limit. I also saw what looked like brake fluid on the cap and underneath the cap on the reservoir's threads. The reservoir is tilted forward - almost like if you were to freeze a pouring motion half-way through - and I think there's strong evidence that the fluid is leaking out of the cap. I think this is happening during deceleration w/ the fluid moving forward as the car stops and breaking the cap's seal.

I see evidence of the fluid on the cap in my 2020 Outlander GT as well.

Anyone else having an issue with losing brake fluid?
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Or is the fluid level low because your brakes are wearing out?
Or is the fluid level low because your brakes are wearing out?
That's a good thing to check, but I doubt it with the way I drive. There's only 26,000 miles on it. I found that the ceramic brake pads on my cars tend to not wear that fast. I put 80,000 miles on a 6,000 lb truck, and the brake pads still had two thirds of meat left. The brake fluid levels have really not dropped them much in the cars I've owned even before brake pad changes.

I did call the dealership and Mitsubishi directly. They told me there were no recalls TSBs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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