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Changing rear personal light bult to LED ?

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Hello ! Decided to buy a 2022 SE Outlander and wanted to change the interior lighting to LED. Map and cargo lights were a breeze but I am having issues with the rear personnal lights (I have a panoramic roof so they’re like the dome lights I guess…) I was able to partially unclip the cover but can't figure out how to put it back ?

Anyone has ever changed this before or has a video on how to put back the cover ?

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Thanks for the help in advance !!!
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Hey strung I recently changed ours out too. You need a super tiny flat head screw driver to pop out the clear lense. For the whole light assembly I’d just force it back into the roof bc I did it on a lexus once and it couldn’t get it back to fit right. Hope yours clips back!
I just did mine. I suggest you remove the lens as a little l bracket that you have to kind of file down to make it easier but when you push it back in you need a plastic tool to hold the base so you can put enough pressure when you pop it in. It was a pain.
Thank you for all the infos, I did mine today, I removed the lens easily and then the bulb was hard to pull out. I used a plastic tool flat head and the bulb just pop by it self, you can then easily insert the new led bulb with the finger and after you just have to reinsert the lens.
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