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I have a 2015 Outlander Sport 2.0/awd with roughly 55k miles original cvt fluid.
It has a weird CVT behavior. When going constant speed when i mash the pedal to the floor nothing happens : no gear reduction to get some more umph. It just slowly revs it and barely accelerates. I could be going 30 at 1.5-1.7k rpm mash the gas and nothing, nada crickets no beans. It will slowly accelerate but it feels like I am in a 6th gear out of the powerband and ecu dont give a heck about it. I know its a cvt and it doesn't have gears. Its a hit or miss sometimes it will do it 6 out of 10 times, sometimes every time, sometimes it works ok and will drop that gear (ratio).

It will do the same when going 10,20,50,60mph to the point that it is sometimes scary to merge, change lanes or pass other cars.

No codes no weird smells or noises. Its been doing it for a while now but I drive the car more now and it started to bother me a lot.

Anybody else has similar issues?

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