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Disturbing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV characteristic

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I bought a 2013 Outlander PHEV a week ago. On the two hour drive between the city I bought it in to the one I live in, I had a brief taste of what became a major problem this weekend. For no apparent reason, despite putting my accelerator foot down, the car would slow down. I had to stop and restart the car which seemed to cure the issue. Fast forward to this weekend. Again, I was on a cross-country highway trip. The car started doing the same thing again, but this time, the engine shut down and lots of warning lights came on. I actually thought the car had an overheated transmission or something like that. I gave the car a rest, restarted and drove off, only for the same problem to come back shortly after. So I Googled the issue. Turns out, I was completely wrong. Even though the car is a hybrid and I had a full tank of gas, if the battery is depleted so much on the open road, it will fritz the car's electrical supply and force it into limp mode. Before you reach zero on your battery level, you must put the car into 'battery save' mode. Firstly, this is a shit design flaw. The car should automatically invoke save mode if it calculates the battery is heading for zero. Secondly, is there a way I can set a threshold for the care to invoke save mode?
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Its not a design flaw. Its how the car was designed. Imagine if you bought the car and wanted to use it as an EV, and the engine kept cutting in when you didnt want it to. You would be upset.

If you cant read the battery life indicator, and havent read the owners handbook, then maybe its the wrong car for you.

Once you get used to the car you will work out how to use the charge and save buttons correctly.
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