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I had to finally trade my 2022 Outlander due to bad dealer sales department and service department. If you live in the Charlotte Metro area do not use Griffin Mitsubishi in Monroe. I was treated horribly by sales and service. Promised a tow package and had to go back and fight about it. The deal changed 3 times and then had to re-do the deal because no one in the sales dept. asked for proof of income but then 3 weeks later the lender wanted it and cancelled the deal when I didnt provide it in time. SO they re-ran my credit to all these different people. I complained of the hood vibration issue and they told me they had not heard of that issue but then trying to get it in for service they were waiting on packages from Mitsubishi. This was in May and I purchased October of 2021. I could go on but best to stay away.

I do now have a 2022 tow package and wiring in the box for sale if someone wants to purchase.
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