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Does the 2022 Outlander SE support the doors auto-locking when walking away after park?

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My other car (2017 Chevy Volt) also has a key fob, and it has a feature that when I park the car and walk away, the doors automatically lock after 10 seconds or so. I love this feature because I never have to remember to lock the car or ever take the key fob out of my pocket. Is this feature available in my Outlander? I can't find it anywhere in the manual or online. Wondering if there's an undocumented/unoffical way to enable it.
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I’ve just learned this myself and find it very annoying. Our other car is also a Volt and has this feature. It’s an incredibly standard and necessary feature. Please reach out to your local Mitsu represntative or dealer. We need to push them to address this via a firmware update as this is a huge oversight in an otherwise incredible vehicle.
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