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Driver's Airbag Light Randomly Illuminates

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My 2018 Outlander driver's Airbag system light comes on then off at random times since I've had it. It never latches and there are no codes. Anyone else have this issue?
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It is.

I'm bringing it in this week for an alignment. I'll ask about the light again.
The dealership found a stored code B1631, DR KNEE ABG SQUIB SHORT. The code was erased. I was told it was not a latched code or one that was active at the time it was read. I take this as it's intermittent since I've seen the light pop up several times since purchasing the car in 2018. It's only the knee airbag and if it triggered just before a collision, the squib wouldn't fire and the driver's side knee airbag wouldn't deploy. Thinking Mitsubishi will be addressing this problem soon...
I don't.

A solution is just to replace the sensor. I'll watch it and bring it back if it shows up again. The dealership was very open to looking at it if it happens again. Good to know they're on my side.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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