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EV RBS warning lights.

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Hi all

new to this forum and probably should have joined when I got my Outlander PHEV 2 years ago.Live in Dorset. very happy with it so far although probably not charging it as much as I should.
Don’t know whether this is a common fault but on Friday had the EV service warning light and RBS warning light come on. Had to take it to dealers as my mechanic said that would be best. Lost power when the lights came and car slowed to a crawl. Although once the RAC guy plugged in his diagnostic pad the lights appeared to have reset and the car returned to normal. Initially no faults were coming up on the memory although eventually AC and charging drain I think came up. Fingers crossed it’s not too serious but obviously concerned that it might be costly.It’s at the dealers now as my usual mechanic said he wouldn’t know where to start which is fair enough.Anyone else had this and should I be worried. Car is 2014 and 104k miles.
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There will be fault codes stored in the PHEV ECU. That will give the service department the information
Hi, did you solve your RBS problem in the end?
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