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Hello everyone, not a first-time Mitsubishi owner, but I haven't had one in a bit.
Decided to get the new 22 Outlander SE AWD in red.
Car Wheel Automotive side marker light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

I do like the style of the vehicle, the color as well, and oddly it gets a lot of compliments.
It's a bit irritating though, to have a few issues with it just as soon as you buy it, but I guess it's something to deal with. I do have the hood fluttering issue, which I am on the list, waiting to get replaced. I had the right side of the center console, the material, started separating from the plastic because they initially didn't put enough glue on, but that was a quick fix, and then, the fuel pump. Which, I was told might not be faulty, but they will replace it anyway. Everything else, so far, is great.

I'm slowly trying to figure out what accessories to add on, I know I will be getting the windows tinted, but I'm not sure where to go from there. I do like the wheels, but I might just get a bigger set and keep these as backups.

Anyways, how do you like your outlanders? Any tips/tricks I should know about. I loved my Lancer and drove it to 150k+ miles, but sadly they don't make them anymore.
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