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I purchased a 2022 blue outlander sel from CarMax, dunno why the owner gave it up so soon! I absolutely love it. First New car in 15 years. I need to find out all the perks I get since a salesman at mitsubishi didn't sell me the car rather I found it online. I only wish I had the awd, sunroof and the hud. But it's so nice! Does it have a Hotspot? I heard it does but no info on it. Also do the dealerships give free oil changes?

I'd also like to know what accessories to get. It came with the tonneau cover in the back but I'd love some sort of awning attachment for the back lift gate to tailgate with.

There is a lot of accessories on amazon, like carbon mirror cover, carbon center console, etc...
Speaking about hotspot the answer is no and only the 1st oil change is free...
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