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Good Day Fellow Outlanders,
Are we an Endangered species?

I'm new to your forum but have had lots of cars in my long life-time now 83 but have never owned a Mitsubishi of any kine but now own an Outlander.
I am very happy with the car mostly but am still finding things out that puzzle me, so will be asking for advice over the coming week or months.

Of all the cars I have had so far, my favourite till now was the Volvo XC60 SUV it served me well until I fell asleep on the A14 while taking anti-histamine which put a few scars along the drivers side where I hit the central barrier! after flying back from Cape Town where I had been to see my son and two daughters who didn't want to return to the UK when my wife and I returned in 1995. I spent 33-years outside the UK after leaving here aged 27 in 1966! Sadly my wife died in 2015 but I still have my three grown up children and two adult grandsons so cannot complain!
I look forward to any form of chat be it car stuff or general interest stuff and am happy to answer any questions. Hope I can remember how to get back on here, by for now, Alex.
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