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Love my Outie, need some help identifying trim parts last owner lost...

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Hi All,

New to the forum, not new to Mitsubishi, and <3 my older Outie. I'm trying to replace one trim pieces the last owner lost/didn't replace. I have searched far and wide for salvage yards that might have the last part needed, to no avail. I've found a company Amayama Trading, I'm going to try them. They have an exploded parts diagram, but when I inquired to one of the parts, their reply was, "ask a dealer or mechanic, we cannot advise..." So, here I am, asking if someone is able to help me out. I'm attaching the part sheet and photos, thank you in advance for advices: Rear cargo area, passenger side, third row seating anchor cover is part 76519C(RH). That is the part I need and will try ordering. I also need the spring that tensions the cover closed when not in use. I am having a difficult time identifying what might be the spring on the parts diag. I think it might be the 76582 (???). Well, that's what I'm hoping to get an answer for, appreciate any help or other suggestions as to how to find this cover and spring. tyvm.


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Hi @neverindoubt! From what I can see it looks like 76582 is the part you're looking for with the spring.

Btw, what year is your Outlander?
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