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Mitsubishi continues growth and investment across U.S. dealer network

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Mitsubishi continues to add more dealers in the US. I imagine it has something to do with their recent strong sales numbers.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – As Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) continues into a successful 2021, filled with new product launches and anticipated sales growth, the company today announced the addition of 10 new dealer partners to its U.S. network and continued investment in upgraded retail facilities.

MMNA is excited to welcome the following new dealers to the Mitsubishi Motors dealer network:

Additionally, MMNA marked the completion of construction on Arrotta’s Mitsubishi, located in Spokane, Washington. The facility underwent an extensive renovation under the brand’s corporate Visual Identity Program to improve sales and customer service environments while also aligning Arrotta’s with a new era of Mitsubishi Motors’ retail experience.

The Visual Identity Program enhances the customer shopping experience with a high-quality retail environment, working in concert with the brand’s “Drive your Ambition” brand message to engage and inspire customers across all Mitsubishi retail stores. The main color palette is cool and muted, black and gray, with red accents that match Mitsubishi Motors’ brand colors. The Visual Identity Program ensures clean branding throughout the showroom and service waiting areas to tell a consistent, upscale brand story.

“We continue to invest in and improve every aspect of the vehicle shopping experience with our dealer partners, and we are thrilled to have 10 new partners join the Mitsubishi Motors brand,” said Mark Chaffin, Chief Operating Officer, MMNA. “2021 is a pivotal year for Mitsubishi Motors, with one all-new and three substantially revised vehicles that are now arriving in dealer showrooms. New or long-standing, it’s an exciting time to be a Mitsubishi dealer, and we’re looking forward to working together with all of our dealer partners to make the most of this opportunity for mutual success.”

These newly opened and remodeled retail facilities across the U.S. are the latest step in the ongoing plan to rejuvenate every aspect of Mitsubishi Motors and its operations in the U.S., from corporate leadership to dealer partners to each touchpoint in a customer’s relationship with their vehicle.

For more on Mitsubishi Motors and its U.S. dealer network, please visit
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