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Has anyone tried the new Map Update Tool for the 2022 Outlander?

I saw that there is a Map Update Tool provided by the Mitsubishi website.
Í downloaded the Map Update Tool at Mitsubishi and installed Version on my PC.

I followed the instructions to save map information to a USB stick. But when I plug the USB stick to my PC, I get errors saying:
Map Update Tool can''t read USB stick.
Something has gone wrong. Please connect the USB stick to your vehicle again
I tried saving again from the vehicle, to no avail. I also tried reformatting the disk (FAT32) on my PC and saving map info again.

Current version information on the console says
Map Version 17327_6_6
Navigation Version: nav21.01_stabi_2021.48.1

But I can see the file contents when I open an Explorer window, so the disk is readable. There is a folder TomTomNDSUpdate

I tried on both a Sandisk Fit 32GB and also tried a Transcend 8GB USB stick - same error. Both were newly formatted using FAT32
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