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According to recent sales numbers, Mitsubishi has sold 39,300 new Outlanders in North America during its first 9 months of sales. It's a number that's more than double than the previous year.

I am always intrigued when a single successful model pretty much props up an entire automaker. What’s surprising is our newest one — the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander — is a thought experiment of “what if we made the cheapest and ugliest car possible... but with three rows of seating?” All that and more in The Morning Shift for January 31, 2022.

1st Gear: Mitsubishi Is The Outlander Now
The three-row Nissan Rogue with a Range Rover-lookalike body has been selling remarkably well, no surprise to anyone who has driven one. What’s funny is that it’s basically propping up Mitsubishi as a company at this point. From Automotive News:

The Japanese automaker booked operating profit of 30.7 billion yen ($266.7 million) in the fiscal third quarter ended Dec. 31, reversing an operating loss of 4.1 billion yen ($35.6 million), the automaker said in a statement on Monday.[...]Global retail sales climbed 12 percent to 245,000 vehicles in the quarter, driven by robust demand in North America and Southeast Asia, despite tepid deliveries in Japan and Europe.Revenue increased 39 percent to 525.5 billion yen ($4.57 billion) in the three months.North American retail sales surged in the quarter to 40,000 vehicles, from 24,000 the year before, as Mitsubishi cashed in on the popularity of its redesigned Outlander crossover.North American regional sales of the nameplate more than doubled over the first nine months of the year to 39,300 units, CFO Koji Ikeya said while announcing the financial results.
It’s easy to clown on the Outlander as being ugly and cheap, but somehow it sneaks its way into your heart. The crossover has a particular charm, and after a weekend with it, I was ready to declare it handsome. Maybe I’m not alone.
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