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New Member and a Question about Steel Wheel Fitment

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Hi All,

If all goes according to plan, we'll be the new owners of a 2017 GT on Monday. Found this car at a local dealership and it's in pretty fantastic shape. Not a ding on the exterior anywhere and the interior is almost pristine. I mentioned to the salesman that I had hoped for all-season tires on it because I intended to get a set of dedicated wheels for the winter tires. The winters that were currently on it were probably down to 6 - 7/32, so they said they would get new tires on it, and they did. I also noticed that the car had been drilled for rustproofing. I mentioned that I appreciated that and he asked me if I'd like it Krowned. They said there would be no charge for that either, and they had it done. After weeks for car hunting, I found this and it was one of a very few cars that were well-priced, about $2500 under Kelley Blue Book. As an added bonus, of course, we still have 4+ years and 60K kms powertrain warranty.

'17 Outlander GT

Question: Obviously the stock alloys are 18" and they are in excellent shape. I'm hunting around for used wheels and winter tires and found a set of 16"s that wre mounted on a 2009 Outlander. Specs are all the same: 114.3 x 5, 67.1 hub bore, 38mm offset. Tries on these rims are BF Goodrich 215/70R16, nearly new. I am wondering if these are a direct fit and there won't be any issues with caliper clearance.

I'm a long time car enthusiast, do 100% of my own maintenance and repair on all of our vehicles and I recently engine swapped and turbo'ed one of my cars.
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