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Next Mitsubishi Outlander To Get Nissan-Sourced Engine

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Rumors suggest a Mitsubishi-Nissan partnership could happen with the next Outlander

"In the shorter term, we make do with what the rumour mill is spitting out. And right now, what we’re told is that the new Outlander will be fitted with a Nissan engine – which would be a first. This report comes courtesy Japanese daily Nikkei, certainly a credible source, and it gives an indication of the solidity of the alliance between the two Japanese brands. Each clearly benefits from joining forces and saving on development costs.

The other rumour has to do with the plug-in-hybrid system, almost certain to be part of any sharing agreement. This time it would be Mitsubishi supplying it to Nissan, and according to Nikkei, the first model to get it would be the Qashqai.

Should that happen, the Qashqai would be the first Nissan-branded vehicle to come with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain."

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If anyone needs more insight, this report from AutoBlog covers similar points and some others:

"\Completing the round-turn, Nikkei said Mitsubishi would supply its PHEV for the compact Nissan, making the Qashqai the car line that gets the tryout. If that happens, and assuming Nissan brings it here, the Rogue Sport would be Nissan's first PHEV in the U.S. Nissan has tended to delay updating the Rogue Sport to Qashqai spec, so depending on when a PHEV version arrives, it could be the only hybrid in Nissan's U.S. fleet since the Rogue Hybrid retired for the 2020 model year."
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