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Our 2023 is 7 days old! We love it, annnnd I ran over a deer this morning

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That’s right, on the exact 1 week anniversary of getting our vehicle.
An ambulance in the oncoming lane with its sirens on smoked a deer at full speed and the deer then skidded toward me and I ran it over.
It was dragged for like 10 feet then came out the other side.
Not including the deer, there were no injuries to anyone involved!
Cars undercarriage is busted up, front bumper is cracked, seems to be mostly “cosmetic”. Also the severed deer leg got caught in the passenger side wheel suspension which was pretty gnarly. How has everyone else’s day been?
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I know the feeling. Mine deer incident was this past summer. Four weeks old with about 700 miles on my 2022 Outlander SE. Never saw it and clipped it with the driver's front end. Didn't look bad. In the end it was about 16k in damage and 3 months to fix. They waited and waited on parts. It was like getting a new car all over again. There are so many sensors in the front end.



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