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Outlander 2023 PHEV won't charge (plugin), light flashes red and beeps

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Hello, I had new speakers, amp and a subwoofer installed in my Outlander 2023 PHEV LE. After it was installed, the car had reset (most likely due to being unplugged from the battery during installation). The head unit was untouched.

Has anyone had the red flashing lights with beeping when trying to charge using the level 1 charging port. The vehicle can still self charge, just not plugin charge. I am taking it in to get looked at but my appointment is still a week away.

I'm wondering if anyone else has installed an aftermarket upgrade to the stereo in their car (2022 model and above). The Amp is not a big power draw at 800 watts and the subwoofer is at 300 watts, neither running close to maximum draw. The service manager at the dealership seemed to make a big deal about it, (I asked specifically asked the guy selling warranties when I purchased the vehicle if upgrading the audio system would void or give me warranty issues and I was told no).

Thanks :D
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No, never seen the red light when charging in 6 months, but no aftermarket upgrade on my PHEV. I would go back see the one that installed this Amp, speakers and subwoofer, he likely is plugged somewhere he shouldn’t…
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