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Mitsubishi outlander 2.0 di-d 2008
Hi OK so I'm at a loss here.
last year I had my egr changed as I was getting the po488 code come up and eml on, car was a little lumpy as well. Garage changed this at same time as doing a cam belt change.
Garage said it also could do with a new throttle body to completely cure the problem.
So I got a new throttle body and fitted.
The lumpy idling went which was great and no eml on, so I thought problem solved.
took car for a drive and it felt a little under powered, wasn't until I got up to higher speed that it went into a kind of limp mode (but no eml). I found that restarting the engine temporarily cured it, but as soon as I get upto a certain speed it goes straight back into limp.
when plugger it still brings up codes po488 also brings up another code for turbo underboost.
before I shell out a fortune at a garage is there anything anyone would recommend trying first.
Amy help would be much appreciated.
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