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Parts compatibility (Door latch) Outlander 2017

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Hi, I am looking for this part Door Lock Actuator Motor - Mitsubishi (part number 5715a728) however I am at a location where this part is not found. I have found though a part that seems to be the same, but with the part number A047218. By looking at the parts they seem to be the same. I also found ebay ads with both part numbers but some salesman told me they are not compatible while others said they are. Is there any way for me to confirm such compatibility?


Vehicle: 2017 Outlander SE S-AWC 2.4 SOHC I4 MIVET (USA)

Thanks and regards,
Allan B.
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Have you checked your dealer? Here in Australia there was a recall for those door locks
Thank you! Yes I checked with them. Also I am up-to-date with the recalls... It would be great if they were recalled in the US too. Thanks
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