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PSA: conclusions from research on prolonging battery life

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I came across this article and thought I'd share with the community:
Battery University article 808: how to prolong Lithium-based batteries

TL;DR, goto Figure 6, keeping the battery at a lower SoC and reducing the discharge variance will prolong battery life.

Caveats: this test was done for I believe laptop batteries and conducted sometime in 2021. The results may not carry over entirely to EVs with li-ion batteries.
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Good resource,
one thing to note is that vehicle batteries have a lot more built in buffers than something like a laptop or phones (which usually actrually fully cycles a NMC cell from 4.2v to like ~3, which is huge).
Also the chemistry would be a little different for car batteries.
If you think about packs for non plug hybrids, they could probably get cycled multiple times a day at 10+C and survives quite fine for many years.
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