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I have my eye on a really nice second hand 2021 Outlander Diesel. The first owner was the workshop manager for the local Mitsi dealer so I expect it has had excellent care. However I could not adjust the drivers mirror to provide a view out the back window.
I set the drivers seat full back and full down. I set the mirror full up. The best I could get was half the mirror view occupied by the top of the rear seats and the remainder being the lower half of the rear window. I am taller than most (particularly from seat to eyes) but it is not a problem when driving Grandma's Toyota Vitz.
Any ideas about how to adjust the rear view mirror to see the road behind?
If not, I think this destroys my hopes of owning an Outlander. It seems like an issue that shouldn't exist so maybe I am missing something.
I hope so, but unfortunately I don't think so.
Seems like the new gadgets mounted on the mirror compromise the range of adjustment so tall folk ( I am only 6 foot 2 but I have a long back and short legs ) can no longer see following traffic
Any ideas? Basic problem is I cannot get the drivers seat low enough to put my eyes in the range that the mirror accommodates.
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