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Renault Nissan Recall!

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Mistsu Owners! Here’s news that’s really concerning me and other owner’s of 2022 Outlanders. Nissan who’s part of the Renault Alliance has recalled the 2022 Pathfinder models for hood fluttering that in several cases have flown open. I’m curious if as owners we are reporting to the correct agencies to get immediate action because I’m afraid to drive my car at over 70 mph and continue to get the run around to get it replaced. It’s either they’re on back order or the ol’ hurry up and wait! Any ideas?
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The Outlander hood fluttering is a totally different issue, with no concerns with it flying open.
Do we have any hard Intel on this question, as it pertains to the 2022 Outlanders? It's certainly a concern for some owners, but I wonder exactly how many vehicles are affected of all those built. I took delivery of my '22 in April, and have not had any problems to date, hood or otherwise.
My employer has sold over 70 ZM Outlanders (22my) , and 3 have had new hoods because of the fluttering anamoly.
Interesting! It seems like this would be a reasonably simple problem to resolve, but after almost 50 years in aircraft maintenance I've learned that it can be a real challenge to identify root causes and develop a permanent fix. Thanks for your response!
I purchased my new 2022 Outlander SEL Aug 2021 and noticed the fluttering on my very first trip that month to a friends cottage... it was distracting as hell and tbh kept me nervous while driving at highway speeds.

For what its worth I seemed to have resolved most of the fluttering by simply turning the rubber hood bumpers 180° counter clockwise... you cant turn them much more than that because they dont have much thread left. The fluttering has been reduced to the point it is not distracting when it does flutter but for the most part the movement of the hood is quite minimal and is more noticeable on extremely windy days driving 110km/hr or more (approx 70mph). It may not be the optimal solution but all things considered, for now, it works for me.
For what its worth I seemed to have resolved most of the fluttering by simply turning the rubber hood bumpers 180° counter clockwise...
Which is exactly what the dealers were told NOT to do, as it means the hood needs to be closed harder, causing the hood to be under stress and flex even more.

The new improved hood design is the only acceptable fix. Get yourdealer to replace it
It seems different dealers were told different things. This was done by certain dealers locally and I can also understand as time goes by new solutions come up.

But, to think a mechanical latch designed to keep a hood clamped shut in the event of a collision wont hold up because of a half a turn on a bumper is being alarmist.. they are threaded to be adjustable because not all hoods sit the same at the plant. I even had an mech engineer look it over and was actually surprised such little adjustment made a huge difference. Again, maybe in my case it was minimal whereas in others it isnt. And keep in mind, you can only turn that bumper 180° then it pops out after another 180° turn.
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