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Reverse to Drive delay

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Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.
While reversing out of the driveway, when I select Drive the power meter shows that I am depressing the the accelerator yet the car continues to coast in reverse. At some point (slowing reverse speed or stopped) forward Drive engages and operates normally. Does not seem to happen consistently.
With my other EVs I can select Drive and accelerate forward without issue even while still coasting backwards.
It is a little alarming because I'm expecting to start moving forward but end up coasting backwards so I end up hitting the brake harder than I want to.
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Interesting behavior, a real EV will let you accelerate fotward while the car is still reversing? Kind of make sense since there is no mechanical difference between reverse and forward for an EV.
I did a quick search in the manual and it seems like there is no warning to "never shift into reverse while vehicle is moving forward" and vice versa as you would in gas cars.

There is a strange section about rocking the vehicle out of a stuck position by rapidly shifting from reverse to drive (8-21) which would make you think the car can accelerate back and forth in the "wrong" direction
Mine changes from reverse to forward normally when coasting backwards.
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