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Stock roof crossbars

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Just threw my stock (Mitsubishi brand) roof cargo crossbars on the car. First time I've ever purchased/used non-aftermarket roof bars - always used Thule/Yakima kits, which are good quality but super expensive and require a lot of fiddling to get fit and mounted properly.

By comparison, it's nice to install ones made specifically for this exact model. Pulled them out of their box (already assembled!), slapped them right on the roof and cranked them down with the built-in cranks. The manual tells you precisely how far set back on the rails, no guessing. So easy and simple. The cranks even have pre-set torque limits, so when it's "tight enough" they click to let you know.

We'll see if they make noise whistling in the wind... Haven't driven them around yet, the side covers look a little clunky(?), so we'll see.

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Don't forget the rubber wind strips (not installed in this pic)
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These were actually $300 cheaper than a Yakima setup.

I find the whistling noticeable at highway speeds.
Can now confirm, they make a lot of noise! Hwy speed into a gusty (30+ mph) headwind, really loud and annoying, almost too loud to have a conversation. Bummer. At least they're easy to take on and off...
Are they the correct way round according to the instructions?

From your photos you can see a rounded face and a squarer face
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Thanks for the vote of confidence!😜 Yes they are installed going the right way, rounded edge forward. It's likely the "towers" that are howling, they're so blocky and don't meet flush with the roof.

The total "wind speeds" I was hitting yesterday were well over 100mph (160kph). Today they were still howling at anything above 50mph (80kph?). My old Thule aerobars never made a peep at any speed...

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If it makes you feel better, I installed the Yakima Aero cross bars, and it’s pretty loud at highway speeds.
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If it makes you feel better, I installed the Yakima Aero cross bars, and it’s pretty loud at highway speeds.
Haha, yes, perversely it does make me feel slightly better!

Maybe just something weird about the shape of the car and airflow around it... I took mine off because I couldn't stand the noise. At least they are easy on/off, and I'll only put them on the few times per year I actually use my roof cargo box...

Thought about trying a wind deflector at the front crossbar, but if it's the noise around the towers then that wouldn't help.
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