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For those of you looking to blackout your headlights, or blackout your outlander, I’ve found a simple solution for those big bright ugly headlights! I’ve tinted the headlights with a “light smoke” tint from Vvivid. No real loss in brightness, given these lights are very bright to begin with. I know this may not be for everyone, as some don’t want the 15% loss in light output, but works for me!

Below is a set of pictures to show how they look. Installed in home garage and took about 30 minutes! Taillights tinted red for anyone curious. I’ll show that too!

Car Vehicle Grille Automotive tire Hood
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Grille
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle
Atmosphere Automotive lighting Street light Wheel Car

Property Automotive lighting Automotive tire Tire Road surface
Automotive lighting Building Road surface Asphalt Automotive tire

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Automotive side marker light Car
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