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Any body do undercoting on new 2022 outlander
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I was told by dealership that Mitsubishi does not like undercoating done on their vehicles and may even void warranty. The only time it is ok is when car wash applies the rust inhibitor coating.
Modern vehicles are protected from the factory and you don't need it, says Consumer Reports. You don't need additional undercoating, and some types can trap water and rot out your car prematurely. While it won't "void" your entire warranty, it opens the door to deny any warranty claims impacted by whatever undercoating you used.
When I asked, considering I operate in "salt country, my dealer also said that it might affect my warranty. While I appreciate the reference to Consumer Reports, they're not making the payments on a depreciating asset. I'd like to know exactly why a product like Fluid Film would have any impact on warranty coverage.
Its probably its not fluid film that will void the warranty, its more than likely the fact that most undercoating places will need to drill holes in frame rails or other boxed in parts. However, this is a unibody so I would expect that they will just spray fluid film. If they end up drilling into body panels or things they at the most its possible they void the rust/corrosion warranty but everything else would remain in warranty.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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